Support for children in care who have Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

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The support and services outlined in the SEND Information Hub (Local Offer) are available to children in care with special educational needs and/or disabilities in the same way as for all children.

There are some instances when additional support is available for children in care with SEND and where this is the case we have given details. There is some specific support for children and young people who are in care.

Cambridgeshire's Virtual School for Children in Care

Working with children aged 2 - 18, the aim of the Virtual School is to ensure that Children in Care have the opportunity to fulfil their educational potential.

The role of the Virtual School Team is to support and challenge the professionals involved with Cambridgeshire Children in Care in order to ensure that every children and young person receives an education that best meets their needs and allows them to achieve their potential. 

Find out more about the Virtual School on the Learn Together Cambridgeshire website

Education Health and Care Planning for Children in Care

The Education Health and Care Planning process is the same for children in care as for others, however, requests for assessment will be prioritised by the Statutory Assessment Team (SAT) and will always be considered at the next available Education Health and Care panel. 

Likewise, if there are resourcing issues for Children in Care with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), addressing these will be prioritised by SAT.  The child or young person’s SAT casework officer will always be invited to any reviews.

Children in Care's health team

The Children in Care’s health team ensures that Children in Care receive health services that are the same as those received by any other child.

There is a designated doctor and a lead nurse who have overall responsibility for this and a team who
is responsible for ensuring that each child in care has an annual health assessment by a doctor or other health professional (every 6 months for those under 5) and produces a health action plan to ensure their health needs are met. 

Find out more about the Children in Care's Health Team on the Cambridgeshire Community Service website

Social care for children and young people who are in care

All children and young people who are in care will have a social worker who is responsible for ensuring that all their needs are met.

Find out more about social care for Children in Care and social care for disabled children


  1. Children in care health assessment leaflet 0-13
  2. Children in care health assessment leaflet 14


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