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Autus - The Hao2 Foundation exists to facilitate personal and professional growth for people with autism and complex needs, increasing opportunities for exciting and sustainable work to improve lives and prospects.  We are a disabled people's user-led organisation set up to enable disabled people to purchase employability training and job coaching courses through a supportive route and benefit from a 20% VAT exemption, thereby making personal budgets go further.

Individuals with autism decide whether they want to use our service and subject to availability, we provide the service to them in a way that will best meet their needs. Our taster sessions have been designed to enable individuals to get 1:1 support to try our services so they can then make an informed decision about whether they will meet their needs and which of our courses / support services they should progress on to. We encourage individuals to consult with and get input from parents/carers/support workers and where the courses are being funded from public sources, we encourage referrals through multi disciplinary processes and use of education health and care plans. All decision making processes are designed to support active involvement  individuals and their parents/carers. We communicate with people in the way they prefer as much as possible.

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Tim Carrington
0208 123 4708 0208 123 4708
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12, Avenue South


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Our courses are predominantly accessed from a home connection and participants need to have access to a multimedia PC and basic IT skills including elementary knowledge of how to use email, the internet and instant messaging chat.  If these are barriers to access, we can work with individuals to identify local community centres that can help them overcome these barriers to participation by creating local digital access points.


Age Ranges
16-19; 20-25
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This service can be purchased by individuals from Autus - the Foundation using personal budgets or commissioned from and fully funded on behalf of a group of individuals in a local area by a local authority or other local organisations. If there is demand for our services but no available funding for individuals or organisations to purchase these, please email us to express an interest, inform us of the estimated level of unmet demand and and Autus will work collaboratively with you to identify and secure potential funding sources wherever possible.

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Our services are designed primarily for young people on the autistic spectrum and/or with complex needs. However, we have also seen some positive results providing for adults on the autistic spectrum and/or with complex needs. Because our services are delivered via a 3D virtual world, participants need to be able to access it (i.e. one of the reasons the virtual world works so well for people with autism is that it promotes visual learning, but that means it would not be suitable for someone with a visual impairment). Because our main focus is employability, our service is unlikely to meet the needs of children below transition age who are not yet considering what they might want to do after leaving full time education.

Our services and provision has been designed to be personalised to the needs of individuals with autism and complex needs. Where additional support is required over and above this, we would work with the individual and their parents/carers/support workers to identify and put in place suitable support through multidisciplinary working and collaboration with other organisations.

Contact Name
Tim Carrington, Charity Secretary
Contact Telephone
0208 123 4708
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