Living Paintings

The Living Paintings free library supports blind and partially sighted adults, children and young people. We make special tactile versions of pictures that come to life when fingers feel them.

Audio descriptions tell the pictures’ stories while directing the fingertips across the tactile image, describing what is being touched, felt and ‘seen’. The tactile story books we have for children also include clear braille sheets between each page of text so they can read the text of the story themselves.

These Touch to See books are designed to be shared with sighted friends, family, group members and class mates. Subjects include: science, history, famous works of art, the natural world, city tours, gardens, great buildings, curriculum based topics and many well-loved children’s books.

The tactile books, specifically designed for different ages, provide access for those who cannot see to interesting, stimulating and enjoyable pictures.  The breadth, scope and range of the packs increases continuously.  All our books are distributed to blind and visually impaired children, young people and adults throughout Britain and Ireland via our FREE, postal Library Service.

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