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To support young adults to have opportunities to spend time with their peers outside of school and college, the SEND Information Hub includes a list of community groups available in Cambridgeshire.

It is important to support, develop and maintain friendships and relationships so that young adults can access their community and feel safe and confident.


Volunteering can be great fun and can help young people to develop skills and gain experience of work, often in a supportive setting. Volunteering can be on a short or long term basis. There are lots of ways to get involved. School or college may be able to help. You can also search for volunteering opportunities on Do-it  and vInspired.

National Citizen Service

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all young people that builds skills and confidence and helps them to get ahead in work and life. The programme also helps connect young people to their local community through social action projects designed and delivered by themselves. NCS is for young people aged 15 - 17, but young people with additional needs or disabilities can be up to 25 years old. 

You can find out more about the National Citizen Service. 

Sport and leisure

Locally there are opportunities for all children and young people to take part in a wide range of sport and leisure activities.  

Find out more about things to do in Cambridgeshire.

Socialising and meeting up with friends

Switch Socials: are social events for  people aged 16-30 who have a learning difficulty/disability.  You can pop along for a taster session to see if it's for you.  There is a termly fee for Switch Socials, which covers the costs of activities, etc. Alternatively the cost for each session is £6.  Please email for more information or check out the website for more information and dates.

Phoenix Club Night:  A regular Disco, bar, cafe, sensory room for young people 18+ with learning disabilities plus family member held at Horizon Resource Centre, 285 Coldhams Lane, Cambridge CB13HY  Tickets cost £5.00 and carers can attend for free. To find out more and get dates phone: 01223 714700 or check out the face book page.

Safe Soulmates is for people with additional needs such as autism or a learning difficulties.  The aim of Safe Soulmates is to provide a safe space for people to socialise, as well as to support friendships and relationships to develop in a safe way.   About Safe Soulmates - Safe Soulmates

You Can Bike Too is an award winning, all-ability cycling project delivered at Milton Country Park and the only project of its kind in Cambridge.  If you haven't ridden for a while, are nervous, have a disability, or would like your child to try some different bicycles in a relaxed and fun environment, there is a bike for you at You Can Bike Too! The wide range of bikes suit individuals or groups and are great fun to try.

Phab Club is The Phab Clubs are a place to belong, a place to thrive where disabled and non-disabled people come together to socialise, have fun and build lifelong friendships. There are two Phab clubs in Cambridgeshire. Find out more on the listsings below:

Staying Safe

The safer places scheme supports vulnerable people in our communities. We work alongside VoiceAbility and the Speak Out Council to support safer places in Cambridgeshire.

A ‘safer place’ is a local business or organisation that volunteers to be a designated place of safety for people seeking refuge in times of stress, threat or vulnerability. Safer places display stickers in their windows to tell people they are taking part in the scheme.

A person needing help can then show their stay safe card to a member of staff who will take appropriate action to help them. The card tells people exactly what to do to help the person. This includes their name, the contact details of the person they need to get in touch with and what to do if you cannot get hold of them. To get your own card, please contact VoiceAbility on 01223 555863.

Keeping Safe Online
Supporting children and young people through the local social care short break offer

Young people up to the age of 18 who access early help funding through Disability Services are encouraged to use this to help  get involved in community activities and gain skills for adult life, including experience of work.  

Find out more about the local short break offer

Safe Places Scheme Cambridgeshire

The Safe Places scheme currently runs in Huntingdon, Ely and Whittlesey, where local businesses and shops offer temporary refuge to vulnerable people in need.

It's hoped to extend the scheme possibly to Cambridge and the south in 2018.

Supported by Voiceability and the Speak Out Council and Cambridgeshire Constabulary, businesses sign up to offer help and then display special stickers in their windows to show they are part of the scheme and a safe place for anyone feeling threatened or anxious.

A person needing help shows their stay safe card to a member of staff who will help them call the emergency contact on the card – or the local police or safeguarding service.

The card tells people exactly what to do to help the person. This includes their name, the contact details of the person they need to get in touch with and what to do if you cannot get hold of them.

Safer Places Maps

To find out more and obtain a card please telephone VoiceAbility on 01223 555800.


The Importance of Friendship for Wilf and Junior
The Importance of Friendship for Wilf and Heera
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